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Community still under major construction!

...to spotlightmix! Another music rotation community with a bit of twist to it. We, the uploaders, share the music we currently have on replay and the likes (playlists, favourite songs and albums, as well as other current audio). Not only do we focus on music you can understand but also music you can enjoy which means Asian music and all that good stuff. Entries are locked due to leechers so please join and/or watch the community for daily updates!

Site best viewed in Firefox and Safari only. It looks like crap in Internet Explorer. =D

001. Please comment if you're downloading anything! I know we all dislike leechers; only you can stop leeching by actually commenting. We take a few moments of our personal time to upload, so it would be greatly appreciated if you commented. Plus comments are quite encouraging to one who's an uploader.

002. Absolutely no hot-linking! If you'd like to share the song, you can link it to the post in this journal or you can either re-upload it to another server.

003. Please be responsible with the music you are downloading. Legally, you must delete all downloaded audio within 24-48 hours after you've downloaded them. If you really love the artist, please remember to support them by purchasing their music through sites like YesAsia, CD Japan, and DVD Heaven.

▪ Justine; exeunt
▪ Ciara; ciarline
▪ Nikka; delicatinelity
▪ Mish; mish18
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